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    On COVER.INFO we show you how melodies have been reused in history – as cover versions, medleys, samples and quotations.

    You can compare these data for every considered song pairwise:

    • with the initial songs from which the song is derived in the box above
    • with the follow-up songs which are derived from the considered song in the box below.
    Above the considered song you could for example find 3 initial songs which it quotes, and below 2 quoting songs and 2 cover versions, thus in total 4 follow-up songs which are based on the considered song.

    The number to the left of an green up arrow beside a song is the number of its initial songs and the number to the left of an orange down arrow is the number of its follow-up songs.

    Note: Due to technical issues, the number of follow-up songs currently is not displayed correctly on the page of new entries.

    Song relations and terms

    Colored labels indicate if it is a cover version, an alternative version being a special case, a medley, a musical quotation or a sample being its subcategory (relation type).

     Cover  (counter term:  Original )

    A cover version or cover song is a new release of an existing piece of music which has been performed by another artist than the original one.

    All significant parts of the original melody have been used. The lyrics can, but don't need to be the same as in the original version.

    The original version in the sense of our database is the first released version.

     Alternative  (counter term:  Original )

    As alternative versions we list other versions of the original version, performed by the original performer, especially versions in another language.

    Differently from the definition above, you could also call them "self cover versions". But we consider them as belonging to the original. Thus it is a special relation type.

     Medley  (counter term:  Medley Source )

    A medley, often also called potpourri, is a piece composed of parts of several songs, played one after another, sometimes with overlapping.

     Quote  (counter term:  Quote Source )

    A musical quotation is a part of a piece of music which is used in another piece of music.

     Sample  (counter term:  Sample Source )

    A special case of a musical quotation is a sample. This is a quotation which is not played anew but taken from the original recording.


    Under construction. Learn more

    You can only search for exactly one artist or one song at a time.

    The system searches for phrases as part of the artist name or song title. If you use quotation marks, the result has to exactly match the search term.


    The title "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" is found by
    heaven is a place on earth, "heaven is a place on earth" and is a place on;
    it will not be found by "is a place on" (with quotation marks) or heaven place earth.

    "Happy" (with quotation marks) finds the song "Happy", but not "Happy Together".

    Table view

    The table view shows you in a table all songs performed by an artist and the songs they are related to.

    The table can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrows at the header of the desired column. Artists and titles in the table can be clicked to get the normal view.

    You can open the table view by clicking on the link top right of the artist page.

    The table view is unavailable if your display or browser window is too narrow.

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