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  • You are interested in who is behind COVER.INFO? Here some of our editors introduce themselves. We also produced a video in German.

    Our editors

    Thomas Wagner

    I founded this website in April 1999 at the age of 15 being a schoolboy. Nowadays you probably would create an YouTube channel at this age. But as this time, the possibilities for development on the Internet were very limited. Music streaming in high quality was impossible in the age of modems.

    Thus everything began as a simple listing of cover versions in the charts and the corresponding originals, originally with artists and titles only, at the very beginning even without years (read more about the history in the blog). Thanks to the hard-working editors I could win over for this work, COVER.INFO is now an extensive database which also contains medleys, samples and other musical quotations operated by a public-benefit organization.

    In the meantime I am a jurist and business economist and still enjoy working on the database. I am also responsible for our blog and have numerous tasks in our association.

    My taste in music is very wide and goes from rock, especially indie and alternative, pop, dance hall, reggae and house to hip hop and rap, rarely even schlager music.

    In my free time I also deal with longboarding, cycling and traffic politics, investigating abandoned places (urban exploration) and producing vlogs.

    Herbert Zach

    Born in 1963 in Vienna, I am living in St. Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria, for 10 years. Many years ago I became aware of Thomas' homepage through the TV show NBC GIGA and have supported him since then with information about cover versions. In the following years the number of my hints increased and the friendship became closer and closer and so Thomas invited me to join COVER.INFO.

    Besides my passion for collecting beer labels and a closed collection of empty cigarette boxes (43.000 different ones) I'm interested in American Football and, of course, music. My taste covers a wide spectrum, but I'm mainly interested in hard rock (and various subgenres).

    My current top 3 cover versions are

    “Rasputin” by Turisas (2007), originally by Boney M. (1978),
    “Spirit Of The Times” by Iced Earth feat. Russell Allen (2014), originally “Spirit Of The Times” by Sons of Liberty (2011),
    “Batterie” by Alkbottle (1996), originally “Battery” by Metallica (1986).

    Martin Busley

    I joined COVER.INFO at the beginning of 2009, after having previously submitted suggestions for corrections and new entries.

    I mainly deal with pop and rock music. I also listen mainly to them in private.

    I was born in the same year as Helene Fischer, I studied mathematics with moderate success, at least I got an intermediate diploma and I work as a system administrator for a large software manufacturer.

    Axel Mellenthin

    As one of the 1951 generation, the 60's were of course the time that had a significant influence on my musical taste and still does today. “West German stations” could be received well and were listened a lot. All the boys in my class were fans of the Rolling Stones just like me. Beatles music was “girls' music” and it wasn't until the early 70s that I discovered the Fab Four for myself. In 1973 as a student I played my first disco as a DJ and have remained true to this way of making music until today.

    More than eight years ago, by a lucky coincidence, I came into possession of about 2,600 vinyl singles. In my efforts to list and categorize them, I got into the Swiss hit parade on the Internet. I then noticed that some of my singles were not yet registered there, and I have subsequently diligently filled the charts with information, cover pictures and audio samples. As our former editor Alea was also active there, I got to know and appreciate the site and have been editor at COVER.INFO since the beginning of 2016. The search for cover versions, for the originals and their authors is incredibly exciting and feels like detective work.

    My passion for rock music has lasted until today, but the interest in music has become much broader. Punk and also doo-wop can excite me, but country and metal are also represented in my private music collection. At the moment I have two favorite cover versions – one by Volbeat, “I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry“, an brilliantly rocked version of the Hank Williams classic, and the other is “Hallelujah“ by The Honeycutters, who turned Leonard Cohen's enigmatic ballad into a snappy country song.

    My big dream is still to be able to set up a Wurlitzer in my room and to equip it with all the Rolling Stones singles ever released. But since the prices of well-preserved jukeboxes certainly reach the regions of a middle class car, it will probably remain a dream until I win the lottery.

    Stefan Wagner

    As a child of 1981, I grew up with the music of the 80s and 90s. I was particularly fascinated and influenced by the electronic dance music of the early 90s: driving rhythms and pulsating beats paired with catchy melodies. Still today Eurodance, Trance and HandsUp belong to my favorite genres.

    My music collection from this area from 1990 until today includes about 500 CDs. As a contrast to relaxing I love the music of Enya, whose albums also all belong to my collection.

    Apart from that I also like to listen to oldies as well as rock/pop music suitable for radio.

    I came across in 2002 through Internet research. From then on I sent in cover versions again and again. Since March 2020 I am allowed to work as an editor for COVER.INFO.


    1. I would really like to contribute covers - I just do not know to do it. I am the biggest collector of covers in SOUTH AFRICA and have over 2000 covers in AFRIKAANS of mainly GERMAN SCHLAGER songs which I do not really see in here

      1. To send us cover versions of songs which we already have in our database, please go to the original song, click on the link "Report error / contribute" and use the form "New Follow-up Song".
        If the original is not yet in our database, you can't use this form, but you may use the "Message" form instead or send us an e-mail to our contact address linked in the footer of our main page. /TWA

    2. I have now started sending a few new covers today - there are so many - it is difficult to decide where to start