Thursday, July 19, 2018

Back to the roots: the extended artist view

Many users wished to have the old version of COVER.INFO with its tables back. They liked it because you could see on one single page which originals an artist has covered or which performers covered which songs of an artist. The new COVER.INFO with its song related views does not directly show such information.

That is why we reintroduce an artist-related table view which we would like to test with you. Click on the table symbol which you find on artist pages except in the mobile version.

Now you see a table view with the initial songs (originals) on the left and the follow-up songs (cover versions, samples, medleys, musical quotations) on the right. This is inverted compared to the old in order to keep the representation chronological.

You can sort the columns of the table in ascending and descending order. Artists and titles can be clicked to go to the normal view with further information.


  1. can't see a table symbol one lesson if it ain't broke don't fix it using a different site now for info

    1. If the extended view button on the artist page isn't visible, then your display or browser window is not wide enough to display the table. Please enlarge your browser window or reduce the zoom factor. /TWA