Sunday, June 9, 2019

Contact forms in test mode

In the old there were forms with which you could send us corrections and new songs. In the new COVER.INFO we now also test such forms. Initially, you will only find forms for correcting existing entries and for adding initial or follow-up songs to existing entries. You can find the forms on the Song Page under the link "Report error / contribute".

But with the new database, the whole thing is not as trivial as it used to be. The dabatase has become much more complicated with many more data fields. The balancing act is to offer you an understandable form that you can fill out without having to go through a training course for COVER.INFO editors, but at the same time to retrieve the data in a way that allows us to internally work with it as efficiently as possible.

We will now gain experience with this first version of the forms and optimize them over time. You are welcome to write in the comments below if you have difficulties with the forms.

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