Friday, July 5, 2019

What does the new COVER.INFO logo stand for?

Originally,'s logo, in the letter "o", has expressed the idea of reusing since 2001: melodies come back again and again throughout history, are "recycled" again and again.

This reusing is also expressed in the logo that has been applied since 2003. The three arrows arranged in a triangle stand for recycling. The musical note stands for the melodies that are recycled in the form of cover versions or musical quotations.

This logo survived the relaunch of the website in 2007 (see in detail our anniversary article "20 Years of COVER.INFO"). This meant that the recycling logo was in use from 2003 to 2018, for almost 15 years – longer than any other at

It was now obvious to continue using the logo for the new COVER.INFO in a similar form, especially for the sake of better recognition. However, for the new website the logo did not seem modern and simple enough. Above all, the association with recycling was no longer wanted. There was a worry that the symbol would be associated with something negative, namely garbage.

The compromise then was to abstract the old logo in such a way that the old triangular shape and the musical note would be preserved, but that it could no longer be associated with garbage.

The triangle with the top pointing upwards now symbolizes the new way of representation on COVER.INFO, namely the chronological one that has replaced the table view from the old at the top there is a melody, an original. In the run of time this melody is covered or quoted more and more often by other songs. The pyramid becomes wider and wider at its base. The box under the original with the follow-up songs becomes literally longer and longer.

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