Sunday, November 28, 2021

Letter to an unknown user

Dear dot,

I have to call you like that, because you always leave only one . as eMail address in your tickets. Well, everyone is free to write to us anonymously, but if you flood us with tickets like you have been doing for a few weeks, you might as well make yourself known.

Of course we would like to process every ticket quickly and enter it into the database, but we are only a small group of editors (and most of them also have a time-consuming job) and are sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the flood of tickets (currently 77) in our inbox.

We would like to ask you about the one or other ticket, but we can't because we don't have an address. Therefore, we would like to ask you to out yourself to the editors. We don't bite (at least very, very seldom) and we don't give addresses to sneaky data collectors who then want to flood you with spam.

Much of what you sent is well researched and I think you have what it takes to work as an editor for COVER.INFO with the appropriate guidance. With the time you have spent on your tickets so far, that would be easy. I would like to ask you that. But it is not possible, because of – see above.

So far we only have the chance to work on your daily incoming tickets with pearls of sweat on our foreheads, with the hope in our hearts that you will make yourself known.

Think about it and write to


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