Saturday, October 1, 2022

Another letter to an unknown user

Dear W.I.,

I have to call you like this, because you consistently hide your name and your mail address and write to us only with these two letters as sender. You are very conscientious in informing us about spelling mistakes on our page – mostly immediately after a new entry has been made – for which we are grateful. In most cases you are concerned about the upper/lower case of song titles, which we, in contrast to other websites, always display as it is correct in the respective language. Only the English song titles always have a capital letter at the beginning of the word – as it is internationally common.

But sometimes there are exceptions to this basic rule, which we would be happy to explain to you – if we had a connection to you. For example, in the current case you complained that we had written 'Port au Prince' with a small a in the song title here and that this would look funny in a list of new entries. Maybe, but we also have the rule that we take the song titles (and artists) as they are printed on the record label. And that is clearly visible here on the label photo of the B-side.

Another case: you might know that there was a spelling reform in Denmark in 1948, which introduced a few other letters (e. g. the Å instead of Aa) and also the consistent lower case. Before that – similar to German – nouns were also written in capital letters. Therefore you will find Danish song titles at our site in different spellings, depending on whether the record was produced before or after 1948.

We could explain all this to you if we had an e-mail address from you. Since we don't have it, we have to get rid of the information to you this way. I can only repeat here what I already wrote in the blog article to the 'dot': We don't bite (at least very, very rarely) and we don't give addresses to sneaky data collectors who then want to flood you with spam. So please think about adding a mail address to your next ticket.

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